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Nina's Spa, Hair, & Nail Treatments

Nina's Spa Services

  • Hair, Pedicures, & Manicures.
  • Waxing, Electrolisis, & Glycolic Peels.
  • Facials & Microdermobrasion.
  • Lashes, Eyebrow Dying, & Permanent Makeup.
  • Body Massage & Spa Treatments.

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Since 1994 Nina’s Day Spa & Acupuncture has been a favorite of Austin in skin, nail, hair, and acupuncture treatments. Owners, Mimi & Yen, have focused on providing the best in holistic and natural skin and body products and services.  Traditional Chinese Medicine therapies and old world style services create an environment of health and well being. Their clients love them for this and find their pricing to be very affordable.

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Acupuncture & Holistic Dispensary

Benefits of Acupuncture

  • Alleviate Pain.
  • Aid in Weight Loss.
  • Improve Overall Health.